Finding the Right SEO Content Writer for Your Business


Content is king. Every website worth its salt is actively looking to improve its search results and expose itself to more visitors. With websites jostling to gain traction on search engine results, it is important to find a content writer that can work with you to pitch your products and services perfectly. To improve a site’s search engine position, it is not just about the content and style of writing. Research needs to be done to see exactly what search terms your potential clients are using.

By utilising the expertise of a professional SEO content writer, you will not only gain incredible content for your site that can help convert visitors into customers, you will also have text that the big search engines love. The attention to detail and the ability to insert important keywords without reducing the readability of the article is key. It does not matter if your content is for the front page of your site or a relatively small blog post, the trust the search engines put in your site will increase over time.

How to Choose your Content Writer

Finding an SEO content writers that can focus on the voice you want to portray in your text is essential. There are many degrees of formality and it is important to find the sweet spot for your potential clients. A text with cute words and colloquialisms will not work well for an international insurer, but it would have a good effect on a local dog grooming salon. On the other hand, you want a reassuring voice for health insurance or doctor’s office, where strictly formal talk about numbers and cost are not how patients would want to be introduced to your company. By focusing on a local writer, you may be able to benefit from their knowledge of language and humour used in the region to help with getting content shared on social media.